I have been working in the life insurance industry since September 1999.

Since then I heard that I am referred to as: commando-jumper.

One of our division directors called me that when looking at my professional history.

“I was moving around in an unknown world. I started calling people I was stranger to, gradually getting to know them and building relationships with them. In the life insurance industry, the premise is simple: “Talk to people you know about insurance. Later, if possible, ask for recommendations so that you can meet their friends. ”

My actions were different from everyone I know in the industry. In Warsaw, I knew four people to whom I could go to talk about their possible insurance. That’s why I wanted and had to put much more time and effort into meeting new people.

The basic element of my method was the very high quality of my work. After a month or a quarter, my clients did not abandon contracts signed with me.

Another thing is big sales. I don’t mean a great month, a quarter or a great one year. I signed contracts with clients constantly.

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The book "Listen to Yourself" - experiences from my professional experience as an insurance agent

It is inspiring and motivating. I describe both 18 years of professional work and my personal life. In 300 pages, I embrace these two huge pillars that also fill your daily life.

Reach for it if you do not know how to enter the insurance market. It is easy for you to face and overcome obstacles.

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Fragments from my book "Listen to Yourself" about insurance industry

First fragment

Insurance has sorted me out. Years ago I was – that’s to put it delicately – scattered and not put together. However, when several times I did not receive the funds on my account, because the company did not issue the policy to the client “only” because I had not made sure that he had signed in a specific place – I took it upon myself.

Earlier, I did not pay attention to “such small, meaningless details”, but while working in insurance, I radically changed my approach to “small” elements, which were and are great. This industry is famous for its annoyances, details and seemingly irrelevant questions. These “little trifles” can, in their strength, upset many people.

I was constantly tinkering with myself and modeling myself. I knew that where it hurt the most, I had to devote much more of my attention. After a few repetitions, whatever was causing the problem disappeared. The pain passed because I was working on it, not because I was avoiding it. A very good reference for all emerging life problems and painful matters is the example with a pinching tooth. Pretending that it is not there always ends badly for those that delay, for the delinquent who turns his back on it. And so it is with every painful thing in life! I made corrections to my old self to take lighter and higher quality steps in life every day.

Second fragment

In early 2009, I received an offer to represent our company at the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) meeting. It is an organization that brings together the best insurance agents in the world. I was supposed to speak to several hundred people. I immediately replied that this was a mistake. I pointed to others in the company who, with their attitude and achieved results, confirmed that they deserved this award.

However, the company would not let go and in the end – whether I wanted to or not – I agreed. That period was difficult for me due to the operation of Tymek, our little son. My mental and physical condition was disturbed and its level dropped much below average, so in agreeing to speak, I trusted the people who offered it to me more than myself. Finally, I was standing on a platform in front of five hundred people. I saw the faces of agents, managers and directors from all major and well-known insurance companies on the Polish market. Never before have I spoken to such a large group gathered in one place. I was faced with practitioners who certainly represented high industry knowledge. Companies invited and paid for tickets to the best people from their sales structures. They were certainly not “bench warmers” in the structures of parent insurance companies.

I was able to choose a topic for the presentation. I chose the one that was closest to me:

“The philosophy of full personality MDRT as a universal recipe for lasting relationships with the client in good times and bad.

It contained the following seven points:

  • Education and development;
  • Career;
  • Service to others;
  • Finance;
  • Family;
  • Health;
  • Spiritual life.

One of the Polish actors, also a personal trainer, prepared me for my performance. In my presentation and speech, I included a story from ten years of my life. I was myself all the time – that is, an open, honest and intimidated guy. I saw that it somehow got the coach. Perhaps he was expecting some self-righteous “insurance guru” and not an ordinary man? The hours passed quickly during the preparations for the performance. The teacher opened up to me like a human being to a human being, and at the same time repaid with a few stories from his life. We accepted and liked each other.

I am not going to write anything revealing stating that I was very stressed before the presentation. Even experienced speakers mention the nerves before going out to the audience. I don’t know if I should believe them. My mental condition was greatly influenced by my thoughts related to my son’s medical experiences. As I climbed the dais, I was not completely calm and quiet. Talking to people, I was trembling a little the whole time. I took my first steps in speaking, tasted something new. I entered a different world for twenty-five minutes. I was so touched that during those long minutes, words stood in my throat and twice I was close to interrupting my speech. On my website, on the vlog in the blog tab, there is a cut video where you can see it. In the end, I didn’t give up and finished what I had planned.

Third fragment

I knew that in order to cope in insurance business, I had to do everything, literally everything, differently from my other colleagues. I wanted to reach customers by avoiding getting hit just for flipping a yellow A-4 card and calling the advertising company there.

In the fall of 1999, we lived in Ursus.

I listened attentively to my friend’s suggestion about visiting the blocks in the rich Ursynów, but I modified the idea a lot. I felt that visiting distant places and writing down the names of residents from apartment blocks would be too much time consuming. I ran into something else. I started calling the inhabitants of Ursus. I wanted to move around the neighborhood where I lived. My goal was to have as many meetings as possible with people from one area. I didn’t want to waste time commuting to places scattered all over Warsaw, at least at the beginning.

Ursus was my first base in the city. The local landline numbers were what the tigers liked best! I found a solution and overcame the barrier faced by anyone who starts or works for several years in the insurance industry. To this day, it is a problem for the vast majority of agents. More about it in my audiobook: “Namolni, self-imposed insurance agents”.

I was glad that I jumped over the wall and did not stand still. I didn’t open the pages of phone books, which were the silent killer of anyone who picked them up. I listened to myself, my inner voice. I took my thought and brought it to life. The way I came up with motivated me to continue constructive work. I had a starting point. Looking at an empty calendar did not fill me with optimism. Every day of unproductive looking out of the branch window while waiting for a client to enter it had a destructive effect on every agent.

What was my idea? Well, I started calling landline numbers. I called them one by one; I didn’t want to miss anyone. It would be my mistake to select them. One of the old Ursus numbers started with the number 662. I sat down and called the first of my would-be clients on the number 662 00 01. The next one was in line 662 00 02, then ended 03, 04 etc. I called every day from 9.00 to 20.00, and on Saturdays until 2 p.m. I booked Sundays for meetings with people who were very busy during the week.

There were times when the audience raised their tones and asked me:

“Where did you get THIS phone number from? It’s proprietary! ”

I explained the method I introduced. And how do you think they believed? Of course not. It turned out to be too complicated. People can make simple issues very complex. Angrily they hung up, and I kept calling. Working systematically, I quickly filled my calendar with meetings.

Wondering if my experiences are reliable?

The awards I received for my professional achievements are a confirmation of that.

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