Listen to Yourself

This is a book for everyone.
Why? Because it's about A HUMAN BEING.

Reach for it if you do not know how to keep your mental balance, how to control your emotions and mind, e.g. after the loss of property, work, marriage breakdown or bailiffs' visits to your beloved home.

This book is for people who have been forced out of their comfort zone by unknown external factors.

Audiobook „Listen to Yourself”

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It describes how to happily escape from traps regularly created by your own mind.

You will read in it how to control your destructive thoughts, which, when unattended, by definition want to overwhelm us and lead us to ruin.

I will show what needs to be done so that they do not harm us more. I find the guilty author of these states.

Here, you can learn practical methods of introducing your own concepts into your life and reveal how to manage complex adversities in a resourceful way.

In this publication, I present life examples of controlling our inner idleness, which loudly protests every time when we "dare" to move it.

Also, give examples on how to skillfully talk to our greatest opponent.

I show that blaming yourself does not lead to a life where you are completely satisfied.

Here you will learn how to make an unfamiliar environment, in which you stay for a very short time, friendly to you.

After a while, it starts to work with you and work to your advantage.

The book will show you how you must behave in order for your ex-wife to become your very good and trusted associate.

After reading it, you will learn how you can make decent acquaintances out of bailiffs visiting your home.

It will tell you how you can establish a correct relationship with your ex-wife's current husband.

Thanks to these pages, you will see how you can fully accept yourself as you really are.

It contains instructions on how to like yourself and love the person with whom you spend the most hours during each day.

After reading it, you will find the keys, methods and lockpicks for yourself.

After introducing them to your life, you will enter your world every morning with a smile and vast curiosity. The world that you will consciously create every day.