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Listen to Yourself

For all seekers who have faced questions of what to do next in their lives?

For whom?

  • after losing your job
  • after relationship breakup
  • after a decline in physical condition
  • after illness

And also when you are satisfied with yourself and the life you are currently experiencing. If you allow it, of course. Maybe they will enrich you?

The book is for everyone who has bumps and transitions in life. “Listen to yourself” is a description of my approach to the difficulties encountered and my way of thinking while overcoming them. I present how I dealt with those that concerned me. In 300 pages, I explain how I have mastered my destructive thoughts.

Although this is not a tutorial, it does have its aspects. I cannot advise you on how to live your life, but I certainly urge you to reflect more deeply on where you are today.

After all, you finally let the questions about the meaning of life that have been bothering you for some time and resisting you be heard. Because when times are light and nice, you don’t have the inclination to think about them!

You get stronger and stronger hits from your thoughts, to show you that something is wrong with your thinking or acting. If it’s time to face the wall of life, then it’s also time for a deeper analysis. The obstacle is very bothersome and causes considerable difficulties. It does not let you live freely. You can no longer spend your time as you used to.

Millions of people around the world ask these questions to themselves and their loved ones. You may find it comforting in all of this that you are not alone! Be positive about it, because only positive thinking give rise to good ideas and solutions. There are solutions in positive thoughts, and the next thing are the stages of their implementation into your real world. The quality of your days and nights depends on the quality of your everyday thinking. The thought is true. It has more power than you may guess!

How it can help you?

  • It’s the description of ways to successfully finding solutions to the traps regularly set up by your own mind.
  • You will read how to get control of your destructive thoughts, which, unguarded by design, want to take possession of us and lead us to ruin.
  • I show you what to do so that they do not harm us again. I find the culprit for these conditions.
  • I outline practical methods for incorporating my own ideas into my life and reveal how to resourcefully overcome complex adversities.
  • In this publication, I provide life examples of how to master our inner sloth, which protests loudly every time we ‘dare’ to move it.
  • I give examples of how to skillfully talk to our biggest opponent.
  • I show that blaming yourself, does not lead to a life you will be fully satisfied with.
  • You will get to know how unfamiliar environment can be briefly transformed to one hospitable and friendly. I describe how after some time, it begins to cooperate with you and work in your favour.
  • The book will inform you how you have to behave so that your ex-wife, becomes your very good and trusted collaborator.
  • You will be able to turn bailiffs visiting your home into decent friends.
    It will tell you how you can bring about a correct relationship, with your ex-wife’s present husband. From its pages you will read how you can fully accept yourself as you really are.
  • It contains instructions on how to like yourself and love the person you spend the most hours of each day with.
  • Once you have read it, you yourself will find keys, ways and tricks on yourself.
  • Once these have been introduced into your life each morning will put a smile on your face and curiosity into your world. The one you will consciously begin to create every day.
  • This book is my life’s journal, the observations I’ve been making and an overview of my actions.

Chosen fragments

Do you want to read a book? Read and listen to selected fragments. You will assess whether the issues raised are important to you. You will also learn my way of writing - if it suits you, you will learn the content more easily.

The book is available in paperback, e-book and audiobook.

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