I admit, I’m lucky. I do my job – a passion in which I am constantly developing and, most importantly, I AM MYSELF.

I had a lot of fun writing the novel “Brothers”, “Apples and Flowers”, “Inspirational Stories” or “Listen to Yourself” 🙂

I’m thankful for every reader for writing their reviews and to everyone who has reached out for these books.

For years I have been doing what gives me satisfaction. I talk and meet people. I appreciate it. Every day in my life I meet wonderful and interesting people. I learn a lot from them.

People are the greatest wealth: thoughts, ideas, desires, needs, feelings and manifestations. They are the best teachers, the greatest driving force for further action, looking for improvements and the engine for inner development, without which there would be no progress on Earth.

Some personal information about me

I am the same person as you. You can easily deal with the following difficulties:

WORK . I learned how to adapt to demanding situations after bankruptcy. After making corrections, I lived on unscathed.

PERSONAL LIFE . It requires a lot of you, and of me. Divorce is not an easy and pleasant time, but you don’t die because of it. It only strengthens. I don’t burn bridges behind me. I have good relations with my former close ones.

HEALTH LOSS . The first information about a serious loss of health by my unborn son knocked me out. I didn’t want to get up from them, but I got up!

Dear reader, I have developed these and other complex issues in the book “Listen to Yourself”. There I presented clear solutions to them.

Why am I telling you about myself?

I will answer you with a quote from the book’s introduction: “Two powerful, rough ocean waves, my personal and professional lives, appeared in front of me, flooding me from both sides with great force. With time, in their icy and turbulent currents, I learned to swim well, and the water’s low temperature toughened me up. I got to know its subsurface currents. I knew when and what direction they would take. I jumped on the created crests of the waves confidently and lightly floated on them. I am describing my journey with myself. ”