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Listen to Yourself

For all seekers who have faced questions of what to do next in their lives?

Audiobook fragments (in Polish)







First fragment

… “Thanks to courage and an open mind, you can learn a lot about yourself.

You will have access to information about who you really are now. Mostly you will be surprised, but please don’t run away from yourself in fear. Do not dismiss the collected facts about yourself. After the first emotions have subsided, if you make a move towards development, you will eventually begin to manage yourself and act as you wish. It will be a different, higher quality of everyday life for you.

All the answers to your questions are within you. You will hear yourself and your voice when you make it easy for yourself. Finding ways to calm yourself down is helpful.

When you finally reach this state, you start creating what you want and what you decide. What you have been longing for for so long and for which you have cried more than once in the silence of the night will appear in your life. But it will only be realized thanks to your attitude and actions performed. Nobody else will do it for you.

The life of each of you is your own personal arena, you perform there 24 hours a day. You will find yourself there. I keep my fingers crossed for your steps and let this path drive you in what you are doing. Enjoy every moment you construct. To feel them, allow yourself to take steps along this path. Give yourself this opportunity. Your attitude shapes your life and how you perceive every detail of it. It is you who allow or forbid yourself everything in it. Realize that you are really creating everything that is around you and within you. ” …


Second fragment

… “I believe that examples should be taken from children. They become role models from the very first moments of their lives for careful observers. They never give up in their attempts to learn to walk! Never! Many times they lose their balance by falling over, but in the end – for themselves and their loving parents – they become winners by overcoming their weaknesses. After another unsuccessful attempt, they get up and stand up straight. In their strength, slightly swaying, they cross the room, happily hitting the outstretched hands of the delighted mom and the proud dad.

Did you count how many times in your life have you fallen and how many have you risen from? Do you remember the decision you made that you would not get back up and fight for yourself? You have announced that you are not making any more efforts for yourself and for your own development. When you are not striving for yourself, you are like an overturned, crying baby lying on a carpet, with the only difference that he will try to get up in a few minutes, and you plan to do nothing for at least a few years in your rebellion. For a toddler, walking across the room is a challenge; do you have any? He has a purpose in his life, do you in yours?


In the moment of a breakdown, you look just like him, except that you drag it on for weeks or months, and he takes seconds. You say to yourself and your loved ones that you consciously do not want to get up. What if you get pressure ulcers after a while? You will even more responsibilities around you. Can you do it if you’re not giving now? Will the dripping tears of infirmity that flow from your beautiful eyes do the job for you? If so, let them go into the city, maybe they are more agile than you? ” …

Third fragment

… “As living beings on Earth, with our own thoughts, we can confuse our own reality so much that everything within the destructor’s reach can be completely destroyed. This self-contained programmer does not notice that he is the creator of all the negative energy surrounding him and that he sustains it himself. If those who produce bad energy transformed it into the path of positive creation of their life, with the same strength, or even half as much, that they put into maintaining their poor everyday life, then where do you think they would be, who would they be and how they would feel?

This thought of an average Kowalski, which after a while becomes his reality, appears only in his creative mind. In the head of another person passing by Kowalski, his thoughts are no longer there. The other person lives in a different world of their own and has thoughts of their own. Of course, he may have the same dilemmas in life as Kowalski, but not his thoughts. All people are building or ruining their world at any moment. They create their own “arable fields” in their heads. This proves the phenomenon of man.

Kowalski, being in terrible condition, looks for help from everywhere, and does not realize that each person is the best doctor for himself. Only he can take best care of himself. The long-awaited rescue will come when he turns to himself for help. He has all the codes and keys for his interior. Man decides when he wants to put himself in order. The creator of all thoughts of everyday life, he is the best anesthesiologist and surgeon for himself.

You build your life by yourself. Nobody does anything for you. You should know that each of us is the creator of our own time and the quality of spending it. Finally, stop fooling yourself and others. Don’t throw your filth onto others. Your pollution is not the pollution of those around you. They have theirs, and you have yours.

I am writing about it in this way because for several years I have experienced the actions of my thoughts on myself. I have felt their effects for a long time. The burdens they carried led only towards self-destruction. I brought them into my life by myself. They influenced me for long nights and days. After a while, I realized that being like this was of no help to me. My worries didn’t solve my problems. They still exist, did not disappear and even grew stronger. In fact, it was getting worse for myself. After reading carefully about this fatigue and the harsh living conditions I was creating, I finally said that it was enough. “…