As far as I can remember, people were my passion! Conversations with them, exchanging views, all shape and build me. For me, they are a driving force for internal development, the reason for constant work on myself and my character.

Thank you for being here. And if so, it means that you are looking, asking yourself and others questions. Do you know what you are looking for, who are you looking for?


If in your life you get tired or complain about the situation you are in, sooner or later you start asking questions.

  • What is all this for?
  • Why am I going through these unwanted experiences?
  • What brought me to this place?
  • Can I change it?

Difficult times force us to ask these questions quicker.
In “Listen to Yourself”, which is my autobiography, I described how I overcame obstacles on my life’s path, accepting every day’s experiences. I have described how you can walk out of hard times with a smile on your face, all the time respecting yourself, without attacking yourself unnecessarily.

Each of US has the keys to its own life. We hold them in our hands, heart and mind. You are the best MASTER for yourself.

Anything will happen when you control your thoughts, when you master them and train them. I suggest that you:
Become a TRAINER of your own THOUGHTS.

Afterwards, YOU will tell them what THEY have to do for YOU, not the other way around.

Trust yourself.
I am the same person as you.
Every morning I get up and greet a new day, but now I smile because I want to.
I do not force myself to do this.

Good days and nights!

I like and value people for who they are.

Ireneusz Gralik