„Inspiring Thoughts – The keys to Yourself” Tome 4 – paper version


Example thoughts:

You can clean your home, but not your own mind?

Cooperation with ex-husband or ex-wife is a maturity test. It is openness and practical cleansing of old conflicts and previously existing discrepancies.

People mostly don’t live in the NOW. A man sits on the sofa, searches his memory and remembers what he had done two weeks earlier. And in this way another year of his life passed forever.

Most job applicants think they have something special, but in truth they have never seen it.

Fear is not in fear, but in you. It does nothing, just looks at what you do when you see it.



These keys are used to:

  • awaken,
  • explain,
  • guide,
  • suggest,

ideas or hints for those reading them. They contain knowledge. They have the strength to open your, so far sealed, gates of understanding, which is enough to move you. What has been inaccessible to you for years, after reading them, will revive automatically. They will start a series of events in your life. Now, unlike the previous times, you will consciously welcome these experiences without fear. Answers always come, but only when you ask questions. Without asking about the purpose and essence of life, you are simply carried by its strong current.

Solutions are constructive, because you are finally expect them from yourself, not others. In total, in these seven volumes, there are over 560 Thought-Keys. They mostly appear when I write in the morning. Some, but a definite minority, were created during the day. Un – fortunately, the racket of earthly events and commitment to daily activities disrupt possible insights. When I’m writing, I’m in the middle of the hints given. It is colloquially thought and said that they flow from the author’s head, but I say that they are much more than just my own ideas. If at least one Inspirational Thought helps you, my dear reader or priceless seeker, I know that I will still have the strength to get up before dawn to write even more. I wish everyone to find what they are looking for in them.