Why You should attend?

It’s worth coming and at least listening to what others are saying and what ideas they have for dealing with difficult topics. You don’t have to take an active part in an open discussion right away, although of course You can and I encourage You to do so.

I would like to remind You at this point that it all depends on You. Not on me or other people in the room. We are already involved, but You are not forced to do anything. Listen to yourself!

I know from my experience that if You lock yourself in your own world, You don’t want to leave it. With time, this individual decision begins to hurt, it will not grant any solutions or hints for dealing with difficulties. This is known as the STALEMATE. You seem to be sitting there for your own wellbeing, but You know that is not true. You realize that this is not a good feeling zone. It is a zone of slapping, accusing, whipping, diminishing yoyr value every second.

I call things as they really are. Thinking negatively about yourself is not true, because You are essentially a walking GREAT VALUE, but You have once allowed yourself to be pushed to the background. In addition, You reinforce this image unnecessarily.

You will find solutions outside the world you have built, which I call the detention. Being locked in it, You won’t find a way out of the alleys of your mind easily. For the sake of your loved ones and yourself, it is better to escape it, returning to being happy or smiling.

Give yourself a chance to hear how You can handle this burden. The most important thing is that You decide where and how you spend your time. You may come to one of the meetings or you may not consider them at all. I am asking you to make these decisions according to your conscience.