For whom?

For all seekers who have faced questions of what to do next in their lives?

  • after losing your job
  • after relationship breakup
  • after a decline in physical condition
  • after illness

And also when you are satisfied with yourself and the life you are currently experiencing. If you allow it, of course. Maybe they will enrich you?

Among other things, what for, is this all? What’s going on around you?

Listen to yourself

The book is for everyone who has bumps and transitions in life. “Listen to yourself” is a description of my approach to the difficulties encountered and my way of thinking while overcoming them. I present how I dealt with those that concerned me. In 300 pages, I explain how I have mastered my destructive thoughts.

Although this is not a tutorial, it does have its aspects. I cannot advise you on how to live your life, but I certainly urge you to reflect more deeply on where you are today.

After all, you finally let the questions about the meaning of life  that have been bothering you for some time and resisting you be heard. Because when times are light and nice, you don’t have the inclination to think about them!

You get stronger and stronger hits from your thoughts, to show you that something is wrong with your thinking or acting. If it’s time to face the wall of life, then it’s also time for a deeper analysis. The obstacle is very bothersome and causes considerable difficulties. It does not let you live freely. You can no longer spend your time as you used to.

Millions of people around the world ask these questions to themselves and their loved ones. You may find it comforting in all of this that you are not alone! Be positive about it, because only positive thinking give rise to good ideas and solutions. There are solutions in positive thoughts, and the next thing are the stages of their implementation into your real world. The quality of your days and nights depends on the quality of your everyday thinking. The thought is true. It has more power than you may guess!


The novel “Brothers” takes us on a long journey with the Morowa brothers. The reader follows their fate over several dozen years. From the bustle of little boys to …

“Brothers” sucks the reader in. The standard turning of the pages of a novel magically activates a friendly cyclone of emotions into which he is pulled smoothly and sweetly. However, for the sake of safety, I inform you that it is difficult to get out of it afterwards. After reading, he is not the same person as before reaching for the book. Entering the world of “Brothers” changes the optics. By absorbing hundreds of sentences, spread over two hundred pages, the level of adrenaline in the body rises significantly. There is nothing to worry about. A blood pressure monitor is also not needed. The pressure equalizes as soon as you put the book back on the shelf.

Who is it for? Among others, to people looking for an answer to the question:

Is it possible to get out alive, in looped situations into which you have been drawn by blackmail by third parties? It is for people looking for an explanation, for the surprising and incomprehensible actions of friends and family memebers. Until now, it seemed that you knew them well, but it turns out that these were only appearances.

It informs that nothing can be done by force with another person and without their consent. Nothing against her will. Although attempts are made in many fields all the time.

It is about love; righteousness, kindness, help, keeping a given word and many other upbuilding values. But it could not do without hatred, violence and fair fight, which more than once saves the lives of participants in a multi-faceted plot. I have not omitted the description of how the human ego works. It makes itself felt strongly, with unexpected twists.

The reader is a witness to family secrets being revealed, to which only a few people had access. Why did so few know about them? Why did Uncle Włodek do what he did? Was that the only way to save his only love, Mary? There are countless questions, but the feedback received is not as clear as it seems. Everyone picks them up in their own way. One of the answers right now. This one is simple.

If the facts, hidden from the world, came to light, Poland would not be the same country as described in “Brothers”. The uncle of the two main characters would not walk on the surface of the Earth for too long, and thus would not train new generations of young people joining the PZPR.

In “Brothers” you will find deep and fundamental conversations of participants in a perverse life. They strengthen and at the same time bring understanding. They give strength and encouragement.

The topics discussed are not outdated, because they deal with universal values. They are up to date all the time. Today, in 2020, too. The words used in it are a kind of anti-depressant. Those who reach for this novel have the opportunity to use them, but as they have free will, it remains their responsibility.

Apples and Flowers

This story is based on facts. It is obvious that I changed the names of the heroes and descriptions of the situations. However, the essence of the main topic remains intact.

In this story, the recipient is unexpectedly changed by years of smoldering and sparkling feeling. It is not the wife whom the main character once married. She is her … daughter. Her father platonically falls in love with her when she was an adult and a young woman.

He was morbidly jealous of her. I suspect that it is like that for most fathers, who are overzealously caring for their adolescent children.

But he knew it. He stopped rejecting information from himself because he was a conscious man, successful in business.

He was aware that he was walking a thin rope. He remembered the moments when, as a parent, he looked after a growing child, and on the other hand, he watched the young and attractive woman mature next to him. She became the object of his deep sighs. The child became a woman, and the line in the mind of a mature man was blurred. The growing feeling was getting out of hand.

Being next to each other every day constantly exposed the effort to control what flowed from the heart. Not made up and true. However, not accepted by the surrounding world.

After all, being at an international fair …

Who is this content for?

For anyone who has heard or seen similar cases before. The whole non-standard situation shows how complex a human being is.

Inspirational stories

Who are these stories for?

For people looking for paths in their lives. Every day, we are subjected to countless tests. The heroes of these stories also. You can watch them without fear, seeing how they react and what decisions they make. The book serves as a kind of safety screen. It is much easier when you read about the experiences of others from a quiet place than it is through your life.

The fate of the heroes is carefully followed. You can see where their lives lead them, as if you were watching the next episodes of the series comfortably sitting on the couch. You can say that all the actions take place on the other side of the mirror, but not entirely. We do not even notice how we play similar roles and experience identical situations on a daily basis.

The above events and situations come from observation of life, they are authentic, with delicate modifications.

“Auto my love”

It shows the attitude of the described characters to the passions that turn into uncontrolled feelings. Their recipients are colorful tin boxes of various shapes. They move on four round rubber bands with canopies stretched over them. They protect travelers from wind, sun and rain. Those are their cars. They give their owners a lot of fun and great joy. They live only for them and because of them. They diligently care for them and are ready to sacrifice their health for them. At the same time, they put their immediate family aside. Sometimes they treat it as “the fifth wheel of a wagon”. Five examples show how they behaved when their “love” was going to be stained or damaged, and when it happened before their eyes, they reacted unusually emotionally.

„Mother and daughter”

Two strong women running a big business have long influenced thousands of women by shaping their tastes. They told them how to dress, how to present themselves at business meetings or tea parties with their friends. Mother and daughter created a fashion empire.

They had all possible luxuries, but did material goods had a positive impact on their mutual relationship in their personal lives? Did they teach them respect or even correctness in their behavior towards themselves? They were closest to each other, but were they close to each other?

Do accounts with multiple zeros help keep in good contact with each other? Shouldn’t family ties stand above the matter?

Closeness was alien to them. They never got along well. The friction grew stronger over time. The existing cracks has started to become even more visible for some time. The arrival of a young Italian in their lives revealed deeply hidden longings. Both of them dreamed of closeness, nature made itself felt.

What happened and how will the related rulers of the expanded country setting the market trends behave? What will Małgosia do when she finds out that her daughter …

„A girl and a cartoonist”

Is everyone really looking for peace in life? Are romantic moments spent in the comfort of your home or on trips together? Do the declarations made mean anything at all? How to behave when you are infatuated with a wise and charming woman who has shown that there are values ​​other than high-profile parties after successive successes in the publishing markets?

They met. They were fully absorbing each other, but is it enough to be with each other longer? An unplanned infatuation surprises everyone. Especially friends. They claim to know the sought-after cartoonist so much that they love him. Some of them say they are his family. Big words. Are they not close to big drunken declarations in discussions lasting until dawn? Which is more important; fun, money, relationships, feeling or hypocrisy?

Does anyone respect himself in this company? Does anyone have courage?

Maybe the only person is Miriam?

„Long-term relationships”

Who are these few sentences for? For open-minded people who offer products or services to others. For people who see  that in contact with others there is more than simple presentation and sale. Those not following the rule of:

  • received the order
  • collected the money
  • delivered the goods
  • he turned on his heel and that was what they saw.

What do you think, what will go on in the client’s mind, after a few or several years after making a transaction with you? Will he remember it at all? Maybe he will remember you? However, if you get lost in his head, do you know why? Why should you be pulled out of the recesses of his mind and not someone else? After all, over the years, he has come across a lot of bidders, not just you.

However, if it is you, then you have passed his verification. You passed the exams on the inviolability of his borders, respecting his opinion and most importantly – listening to him. He talked about his needs when he ordered goods or services from you. He could see if you saw or heard what he was telling you.

Such a person is a conscious person. Avoids vendors who talk or show off the gibberish of their ego. They themselves determine who needs what. They argue that this is true. They don’t listen to what is said to them.

A conscious customer knows that sellers like this treat potential buyers as naïve. They think they can freely influence any human being. They think that they can sell anything.

Failure to respect and not objectively treat the person who talked to them a moment ago and finally finalized the purchase of the goods is common. After the payment, they immediately delete it from their memory. Even through they had been trying very hard before, jumping around like clowns on a rubber band.

Because just a few moments earlier, before the unknown final, this client was the most important in the world for them, he was more precious than their own wives and children. But his great value dropped immediately. It happened when he decided that he would buy the goods from the seller or use his services. A few minutes later, the most important “someone” is pushed to the memorial dump of the “super” trader. He accepts the money and forgets the face of the man he has long persuaded to buy.

Tell yourself what teams you play in, my friend. How do you do the demanding job of a contact person? What is closer to you? Are you a person with long term view or a short narrow looking eprson focused only on hunting a client once?

As you read these words, you must be aware that anyone who has ever spent money with you or is currently paying you for a service is contributing to your bills and spending on pleasures.

“Long-term relationships” show a broader view and thinking about interpersonal contacts. The age-old principle of exchange and cooperation shows that if you live well with people on an equal footing, each of them will want to meet you. They will get satisfaction from the conversations conducted, and afterwards they will be happy to spend their own money with you. Due to your approach to people, they will seek contact with you. Thats why I remind you that you are the same person as they are.

“Long-term relationships” is the tip of the proverbial mountain showing two sides of contact. In buying and selling, the service performed, the acquaintance, or finally the connection of people based on feeling. Because there are always two. But the essence of their understanding is broken by the QUALITY of this connection, not the connection itself. They have been going on for ages. None other than the sellers first traveled thousands of kilometers to offer products in inaccessible and remote lands.

You certainly don’t enjoy spending your money in a simple and dry store where you are treated like an unnecessary intruder. Without contact with a smiling person and open staff, you want to leave it as soon as possible, because you do not get pleasure from being there.

In a small 5-point nutshell, I have presented the basics of information that direct and respect people who buy or fulfill any orders from you. Just to make you realize (luckily more and more people will realize this) that all people are connected to each other. Everyone keeps everyone alive. Only that it is often not understood. Most financial transactions do not come into contact with you, therefore you think that none of this age-old movement affects you. That you are seperate. However, indirectly, everything is related to you.

The concept of this exchange will remind you that you are human, just as important as the person finalizing a transaction with you or simply wanting to talk to you and have a cup of coffee or tea. It is seemingly ordinary, though perversely, this is why it is extraordinary and extremely important! Conversation is most important. We maintain contact through it, it is an exchange of thoughts and observations.

And finally.

You’re not going to be a good contact if you don’t like people.

Inspiring Thoughts – The keys to Yourself

These keys are used to:

  • awaken,
  • explain,
  • guide,
  • suggest,

ideas or hints for those reading them. They contain knowledge. They have the strength to open your, so far sealed, gates of understanding, which is enough to move you. What has been inaccessible to you for years, after reading them, will revive automatically. They will start a series of events in your life. Now, unlike the previous times, you will consciously welcome these experiences without fear. Answers always come, but only when you ask questions. Without asking about the purpose and essence of life, you are simply carried by its strong current.